Bok – Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids

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Whether you’re a graduate student, hearing instrument specialist or clinical audiologist, the Second Edition of Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids aims to provide you with the latest in concise and practical information across a broad spectrum of topics. Its twelve chapters, sequenced to match the patient’s journey through a clinical practice, are packed with the latest commercial innovations in hearing aids, patient-related outcome measures and counseling skills. Experienced clinicians will also find the updated chapters on help seeking behavior and hearing aid features and benefits to be valuable to their continued professional development. Hearing aid dispensing has always been a technology-driven profession, heavily dependent on the expertise, thoughtfulness and good judgment of the professional. Over the past few years, even as technology has continued to evolve at breakneck speed, these skills have become more relevant then ever in the delivery of high quality patient care, especially to the rapidly aging Baby-boomer population.
Although many of the basic subjects needed to learn to practice have not changed in generations, the chapters devoted to fitting modern hearing aids are updated. This edition also includes newer outcome measures and updated approaches to counseling patients. It even includes a few pages on devices that are not even considered hearing aids that you might be fitting and adjusting in a few short years: hearables and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs). In every chapter there are now several sidebars that refer to websites where more detailed information, animations or videos may be downloaded to further enhance learning.
Fitting and Dispensing Hearing Aids, Second Edition, authored by two of the industry’s leading authorities on adult amplification and audiology practice management, is required reading for anyone studying to obtain their hearing aid dispensing license, or an audiology or speech pathology student looking for the latest in dispensing and fitting hearing aids in a succinct, entertaining format. Yes, you read that proclamation correctly: Because each chapter is written around a specific theme, like wine tasting, travel, baseball, country music and more, you will find this textbook is actually fun-to-read.


Forfatter: Brian Taylor, H.Gustav Mueller.
Utgitt: 2016. Antall sider: 500. Språk: Engelsk. Format: Heftet.
Forlag: Plural Publishing Inc. ISBN/EAN: 9781597566506.

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